The random selector brings Tom and Louis to season 15 of Doctor Who, to discuss rustic racism and glow skulls. Louis remarks on the Doctor's moral values, and Tom unpacks the implication of K-9's character arc in the serial.



At long last, Tom and Louis convene to discuss the finale of Sherlock's third series. Louis points out how Sherlock literally kills two metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone, and Tom brings up question relating to Sherlock Holmes's ties to the Doctor Who universe.

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In a stunning feat of temporal ineptitude, the episode that should have been episode 85 is episode 87, and vice versa. Anyway. Tom and Louis are brought in their random wanderings to a Fourth Doctor classic, the Masque of Mandragora. Opinion is divided. But who will side with reason, and who will side with primitive superstition? Only one way to find out...


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Tom and Louis resume their discussion of Sherlock's third series, and ponder the matrimonial mayhem of The Sign of Three. Louis ponders the telegrams, and Tom admires the computer skills on display in the episode's opening.

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Tom and Louis are randomly whisked away to the Seventh Doctor's era, picking up from their previous foray into Time and the Rani. Tom takes note of the punctuational music, and Louis wonders about Mel's appetite for cookies.


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Seeing as this podcast is allegedly about "Doctor Who and other things", don't you think it's time we discussed some other thing? We do. So we discussed the first episode of BBC's third series of Sherlock.

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Discussing Doctor Who: Wrath of the Iceni

The time winds of random selection take Tom and Louis over to the Big Finish corner of the Doctor Who universe, where they discuss the Fourth Doctor adventure The Wrath of the Iceni. It all devolves into an extended defense of the pure historical.

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Eleven's Hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve's. At the risk of spoiling this episode, you might not want to listen to it if you're the kind of person who prefers constant sunshine and positivity.


Louis and Tom discuss one of Doctor Who's lost gems of the Hartnell era, The Myth Makers, a pure historical set during the Trojan War. Louis takes note of the story's paradoxical leanings, while Tom struggles to remember that one class he took on Homeric literature.

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Louis and Tom explore Doctor Who's origins as they discuss An Adventure in Space and Time, and unravel the dozens of cameos in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

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