It's the eve of Peter Capaldi's first big outing as the Doctor, but who cares about that? Random selection has brought Tom and Louis to an idyllic village in the country where the Rani is up to no good. Topics of discussion include barren philosophies and wild endeavours.


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Random selection brings Tom and Louis to a spaceship, and also France. The origins of the Moffat era are uncovered, and the trials and tribulations of future spam filtering are discussed.

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The whims of the randomizer bring Tom and Louis to one of 2013's recently rediscovered gems: The Enemy of the World. Louis has some less than entirely kind words about Fedorin, while Tom praises Salamander's efficient use of space.

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Random chance brings Tom and Louis to Doctor Who's tenth anniversary extravaganza, The Three Doctors. The origins of the Doctor's contempt for Twitter are explained, and we manage to hold things together through the force of our own will.

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Tom and Louis randomly arrive in the Big Finish neighborhood of the Doctor Who universe, to discuss the 2003 audio release "Davros." Louis raises questions about Davros's economic plan, and Tom peels back the layers of the Kaled scientist.


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Random chance brings Tom and Louis to the seventies classic The Claws of Axos. Louis pitches the Pigbin Josh trilogy, and Tom brings us on tangents about Doctor Who story numbering conventions and acetaminophen poisoning.

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A most random selection leads Tom and Louis to the planet Spiridon, where invisible creatures abound. Louis points out the Daleks’ apparent newfound cartographic advantage, and Tom proposes a new enemy for the Thals to face.


The random selector brings Tom and Louis to season 15 of Doctor Who, to discuss rustic racism and glow skulls. Louis remarks on the Doctor's moral values, and Tom unpacks the implication of K-9's character arc in the serial.



At long last, Tom and Louis convene to discuss the finale of Sherlock's third series. Louis points out how Sherlock literally kills two metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone, and Tom brings up question relating to Sherlock Holmes's ties to the Doctor Who universe.

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In a stunning feat of temporal ineptitude, the episode that should have been episode 85 is episode 87, and vice versa. Anyway. Tom and Louis are brought in their random wanderings to a Fourth Doctor classic, the Masque of Mandragora. Opinion is divided. But who will side with reason, and who will side with primitive superstition? Only one way to find out...


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