This week Tom and Louis discuss the Shakespeare Code! Topics of discussion include the Harry Potter dating controversy, and the genius of the audience member.

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It's Christmas time! Well, okay, it's not. But at any rate it's time to listen to Tom and Louis discuss their reaction to the episode of Doctor Who that aired when it WAS Christmas time. Topics include dream crab family life and a certain special Christmas song. And it's not by Wham!

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It's almost Christmas and Santa Claus is coming to town, but surely it's not too late for us to finally release our episode on Death in Heaven? Topics of discussion include Cyberkid, LI Who 2, and personal pronouns.

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Part one of the two-part finale is here! Tom and Louis discuss Missy’s big reveal, the latest development on Danny, and lots, lots more.

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As Series Eight hurtles toward its conclusion, Tom and Louis confer over the third-to-last episode. Topics of discussion include zoo management and the Doctor's brother.

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Series Eight rolls on and Tom and Louis roll on accordingly. In this, their discussion of flatline, topics include iPad bezels and evil geniuses.

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Another week, another new episode! Tom and Louis discuss Mummy on the Orient Express. Tom derails the discussion with spoilers for the Big Finish audio "The Boy That Time Forgot" (so, y'know, look out for that), and Louis has Train Beefs.


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Series Eight of Doctor Who continues with a trip to the moon. We talk about the Doctor's DVD collection, the US Presidency, and... well, the abortion thing. We talk about that.

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Halfway through the season! Tom and Louis discuss the latest episode, The Caretaker. Topics of discussion include the dietary habits of sand piranhas and the use of cherry bombs.


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Another week, another new episode of Doctor Who! We truly are spoiled. Tom and Louis take some time out to discuss whether the heist is sufficiently heisty. 


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